Lets also give ICL its due credit

May 5, 2008 @ No Comments

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has turned out to be a runaway success. But while everyone is congratulating Lalit Modi for his success, let us not forget Subhash Chandra for initiating the Indian Cricket League (ICL) which forced BCCI to start the IPL.

The only reasons why the ICL could not succeed to the same level as the IPL is only due to the monopolistic policies of the BCCI and its blackmailing.

BCCI denied the ICL use of its grounds to host the tournament and also blackmailed the players to not join the ICL threatening them with dire consequences. In spite of this, one must say the ICL managed to do quite well, though it has now been completely overwhelmed by the success & popularity of the IPL.

So while we appreciate the copiers (IPL), let us not forget the original creators (ICL) !

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