The ‘God of Offside’ decides to rest…

October 9, 2008 @ No Comments

Now he is in the team, now he is out, had become a issue of speculation since quite some time. Finally the long winding drama comes to an end, with Sourav Ganguly deciding to retire from International cricket after the upcoming Australian series. But the Prince of Indian cricket has decided to bury the issue once and for all by announcing his exit.

The BCCI top brass and the Selection committee must be thanking their stars, as they are now absolved of the mammoth task of phasing out the ‘Prince of Kolkata’ under intimidating public and media scrutiny. And the selection committee is finally relieved from the efforts they had to put in to give excuses for not selecting Ganguly in the team.

But there are rumours abound that Ganguly accepted the ‘VRS’ scheme floated by the Selection committee. If they are true then it’s very sad news for a Ganguly Fan. If a born and determined fighter like Sourav, who always had a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude succumbed to the outrageous behaviour of BCCI, it clearly shows how BCCI manhandles our icons when they go out of form or when they no longer fit into the so-called ‘Young’ team.

All great players retire one day and so would have the Bengal Tiger. But hurrying him up into retirement speaks of a step son like attitude. Now its upto the board as to how gracefully and with all his due respect they give him a farewell for his great contribution to Indian Cricket as an all time great player and arguably India’s best and most forceful captain.

P.S: The most outstanding and unforgettable image from Dada’s career is T-shirt whirling at Lord’s… Machismo, bravado, brashness and pride which he stood for, right through his career.

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