Cricket WorldCup 2011 is in fact an ICC KnockOut Trophy

February 23, 2011 @ No Comments

Remember the ICC Knockout Trophy? Now known as the ICC Champions Trophy & is played every 2 years? The fact is that the current ICC Cricket WorldCup 2011 is just a ICC Knockout Trophy with several warmup games disguised as league games.

What’s the point in having a WorldCup format with 7 teams each in 2 Groups with the top 4 teams qualifying for Quarter Finals? With 3 minnows in each group the top 4 choose themselves for the Quarter Finals. No doubt the Associate nations are capable of upsetting a Test playing nation on their day but the format ensures that the minnows will have to beat more than a couple of Test playing nations to get to the next stage. Which is less likely than just a single fluke victory on a single day like it happened in the Cricket WorldCup 2007 in West Indies.

All that the league stage will do is decide who plays who in the Quarter Finals! Ridiculous if you ask me. Essentially this means that the real WorldCup starts after 19th March 2011 after the league games are over. Till then I am not excited!

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